Pumping Tricks & Tips

Class Description:

Are you thinking about starting to pump? Preparing for a night away or to go back to work? This pre/post Natal seminar focuses on the mysteries of your breast pump with tricks and tips for pumping while away from your baby.  Learn the basics of pumping, how to use your pump setting for efficient collection, how to protect your milk supply while separated from baby, in addition to learning milk storage guidelines, sanitation, transportation and more!

Coming Soon!

Introducing Solids

Class Description:

Starting your baby on solid foods can be fun, messy and confusing. Join us to learn how to make introducing solids to your baby a smooth and fun transition for the whole family.  In this seminar we discuss the basics of baby food preparation, learn about researched methods including baby led weaning, appropriate types of foods and textures, portion size, and incorporating breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

2/2 11:00am -12:30 @ Monarch Studio in West Roxbury

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