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Owner of Little  Happynest is happy to join the Galoop team and teach the Toads room @ Galoop’s Morning Program

Galoop’s Morning Program is designed for young children and their caregivers.


Our morning program is led by our director, Cecilia Matson, and is the perfect place for children 1 to 3.5 years to learn and grow before they head off to formal, “drop off” preschools. The program runs  9:00 to 12:00. Families are free to come and go to best suit their child’s schedule — no more rushing to make a 45 minute class!

Why Galoop’s morning program? Modeled on a preschool setting, but with the nurture that comes from a caregiver present at all times, our morning curriculum is designed with the latest research in childhood development in mind. The emphasis is on free play and exploration. Our many stations — from arts and crafts to kitchen play to reading nooks — allow children the opportunity socialize and to develop their sense of agency and independence. And every morning we offer a song and story circletime and outdoor play at our exploratory playground.

We firmly believe (and research shows) that routine is key for young children’s development. Adults may crave different stimuli and new places and people. Children do not. The familiarity of the space, the teachers, and the families is a critical part of our philosophy and approach, and what makes Galoop a unique and nurturing community. Gone is the need to cart around kids to different music or art or storytime classes, all in different locations with different and unfamiliar people.

Our Morning Program has two classrooms: Our Frogs classroom is lead by Cecilia and our Toads classroom is lead by Ashley Oliver Asquith; an experienced and loved Galoop instructor!  Both classrooms will have mixed ages between 1-3 years of age.


  • Fall 2022: 9/21-12/16 – Ongoing. Please contact us for openings

  • Winter 2023: 1/09-3/10

  • Spring 2023: 3/27-6/02

Morning Program Schedule

9:00-10:10: Free exploration and play with our with weekly themed art projects, easels, sensory table, STEM materials, and our many different play areas throughout our indoor space (or outdoor classroom in nice weather days)
10:10-10:15: Clean-up and set up for snack & circle time
10:15-10:30: Snack time
 10:35-11:05: Circle time with songs, props, musical instruments, parachute play, storytime, and bubbles (feel free to continue your snack!). 
11:05-11:50: Free play and exploration in our outdoor classroom (during rainy or very cold days we will be inside)
11:50-12:00: Final cleanup and goodbyes

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