Positive Discipline Workshop


Are you struggling to manage your child’s behavior?  Is this taking a toll on your relationship?  With so many parenting approaches, how do you choose the best option for you and your child? Join us for an introduction to positive discipline where we’ll learn the key components to developing (or restoring) a positive relationship with your child(ren) AND feeling like an effective parent.

Workshop Facilitator: Jennifer Gillette of The Loved Child

Age range: For parents of children 1 – 6 years

Dates: 5/30 @ 7-9pm @ Ctown Studio Charlestown

Toilet Training with Tender Loving Care (TLC) Ready? Set? Go!


Are you wondering if it is time to introduce potty training at home? Are you wondering which potty chair to use? How about the choice between Pull-Ups and underwear? And what about rewards- praise? M&M’s? Sticker charts? We will be addressing all these common questions, and much more, during our evening TLC Parent Workshop on Toilet Training.

This workshop is appropriate for loving parents & caregivers of children one year and older.

Facilitator: Jennifer Gillette, MA Child Development/Behavior & Family Specialist

Dates: 7/11@ 7-9pm @ Ctown Studio Charlestown

Supporting Sibling Relationships with TLC


Sibling rivalry is unavoidable and inevitable but the good news is there are proven and evidence-based solutions parents can implement to make an enormous difference in sibling relationships. Participants will learn simple and concrete strategies for minimizing conflicts and suggestions on how to foster loving and life-long relationships between siblings. This workshop is appropriate for families with children 0 – 7 years. The workshop will include:

  • Siblings 101: spacing, birth order, and temperament, gender differences
  • tools to prevent sibling rivalry and jealousy
  • strategies to build sibling bonding
  • suggestions how to decrease competition and fights over possessions
  • how best to intervene during challenging moments
  • take-home parent resources
  • time for personal questions & answer

Facilitator: Jennifer Gillette, MA Child Development/Behavior & Family Specialist

Dates: Coming Fall! @ Ctown Studio Charlestown

Facilitator: Jennifer Gillette, MA Child Development/Behavior & Family Specialist

Jennifer is the founder and co-owner of The Loved Child (TLC Family Center) in Belmont, Massachusetts with 26 years’ experience supporting the development of parents and their children. TLC offers expert support, education, and community for expecting families and those with babies, toddlers, and young children. In addition, TLC offers professional parenting workshops and consultation services for preschool/childcare organizations, community groups, pediatric practices, and corporations.

Jennifer obtained her master’s degree in Child Developmental Clinical Psychology from Tufts University and bachelor’s in Psychology and Spanish from the College of Wooster. She spent almost 10 years at Isis Parenting facilitating developmental play/parenting groups, providing private parenting consults, and creating curricula for the Child Development Program. Her clinical background includes work with families in Developmental Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital. In addition to direct work with families, Jennifer has extensive experience training and consulting with professionals in developmental & behavioral child development. Jennifer’s research experience includes managing an investigation in children’s temperament styles at the Brazelton Institute at Children’s Hospital and the Psychology Department at Harvard University, as well as participating in the Healthy Steps for Young Children Program through Johns Hopkins University, The Boston Foundation, and Partners HealthCare. Jennifer is involved in her community and a proud (and active) mother of two teenage boys!

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