All Classes are held at Little Buttercups Westwood at 615 High Street
Westwood, MA 02090

Class Offerings:

New & Second time Moms’ Group 0-6m

Class Description:

In our new moms groups, each week you’ll share experiences, engage in parenting discussions, gather valuable resources, and support from other local moms. Each week we will check in on the highs and lows of your week. We will discuss a different topic each week such as feeding, sleep, soothing techniques, developmental milestones, self care, back to work or not, & More.

After these warm, informative, and friendly sessions, you’ll be fully connected to a great group of other trusted moms and feel empowered with essential skills such as dealing with sleep deprivation and overcoming the challenges of feeding & fussiness. Ask your parenting questions on order to make this time of major transition smoother, saner, easier and more enjoyable!

Support groups are led by facilitators who will guide you to embrace your new role & identity as a mom with more confidence, compassion and humor.

Dates & Times:

8/1-8/29 skips 8/22 ( Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm)

Second Time Moms’ Group 0-6m

Class Description:

Welcoming another child to the family can be an amazing experience that can come with some new challenges. Enjoy some alone time with your new addition while discussing topics like sibling relationships, balancing two or more children, Sleep, feeding, Behavior, and more. Gain new friendships and support while adjusting to your new role.

Dates & Times:

8/1-8/28 skips 8/22 ( Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm)

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